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Office of the Vice Chancellor Student Affairs University of California, Irvine

Important Highlights from the UCI Alcohol Policy, Section 900-13

It is highly recommended that Section 900-13, Policy on the Sale, Service and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages be reviewed prior to deciding if serving alcoholic beverages at your event is appropriate.


Important Highlights:

All members of the UC Irvine community and any non-affiliated visitors attending events are expected to be responsible for their drinking behavior and for the consequences of alcohol consumption. Sponsoring Organizations are expected to ensure compliance with State and local laws, as provided by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), this policy, and any other applicable regulations.



Failure to abide by applicable regulations covering the possession, serving and selling of alcoholic beverages can create personal and organizational liability. Sponsoring Organizations should be aware of their exposure to legal risk when violations of alcoholic beverage laws are permitted at their events.



No event where alcohol will be served may be advertised, promoted or offered to the public or to the University community as an event where alcoholic beverages will be served.  This includes language such as wine and cheese reception, champagne toast, beer garden, event with free wine, dinner with alcohol included or reference to BYOB (bring your own booze/beer/bottle) or any form of drinking contest (such as beer pong, king's cup, or flip cup).  It also includes the use of symbols or pictures implying the presence of alcohol at an event.

What constitutes selling alcoholic beverages?
Exchanging any consideration for alcoholic beverage service constitutes a sale. "Consideration" includes money, tickets, tokens, or chits that have been issued in exchange for money or anything else of value. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, a registration fee or monetary donation, service at a cash bar, admission tickets to an event where alcoholic beverages are included in the ticket price, and both presale and onsite tickets to events where alcoholic beverages will be provided along with other amenities, such as food and entertainment.


Approval to Sell
No individual, group, or campus unit acting in the name of The Regents or in the name of the University may apply for a license to engage in the sale of any alcoholic beverage, including beer. A license to provide and sell alcoholic beverages must be issued to an organization independent of the University, such as a faculty club, food service vendor, alumni group, or other such entity (see IDA 551, Liquor Licenses for Campus Facilities).


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